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Technical specification of ad formats


QuattroBranding is one of the formats that can make you really stand out. It shares all the attributes of classic branding, but in addition almost doubles the space in the page header. This time you will be really unmissable.

Preview Template Sources




  • 2000×1280 px

Maximum data size

  • 400 kB (HTML5 max. 600 kB)

External display code

  1. The banner must not be transparent
  2. Place important advertising messages in a 1366 × 768 px wide column (see red area in drawing.) This is very important due to the different resolutions and ratios of the display devices. This area is visible to most users.

External display code

  • No

External measurements (beyond the measurements of Mafra a.s.)

  • Yes, acording to our specifications.
  • Accepted third-party codes: AdForm, DCM, Sizmek, Gemius.
  • Attention! All third-party tracking codes must use only secure links (https: //). In the banner themselves, all tracking URLs must also use a secure connection (https: //). Differences in statistics without tracking code using https: // will not be taken into account.

Do you want animated QuattroBranding or to add video?

V tomto případě je potřeba dodat branding ve formátu HTML5.

In the case of a video delivery, the video file must meet the following conditions:

  • Format: MP4
  • Codec: H.264
  • Maximum data size: 2 MB
  • Maximum bitrate: 500 kb/s

Are you tasked with preparing Crossplatform Branding (desktop + mobile)?

In this case, it is necessary to supply documents for the mobile version of branding. Specifications for its production can be found here: Specifications for the production of mobile branding.

Z důvodu hladkého průběhu spouštění a odbíhání kampaní je nutné podklady dodané mimo popsanou specifikaci předem schválit technickým oddělením MAFRA. Děkujeme za pochopení.