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Technical specification of ad formats


The Image format allows redirection to only one URL. If the Image banner is to contain more clicks, then it is necessary to verify whether it is possible for the given type of banner.


    Image format banners

  • we accept only in JPG, PNG or GIF formats (unless otherwise stated)
  • must adhere to the maximum data size for the given format
  • must be created in RGB color space (not CMYK)
  • we recommend that they have a resolution of 72 dpi

Tips to reduce data size

Use the optimal format for your image:

  • JPEG: Suitable for photos. Does not support transparency. It uses lossy compression, which does not like hatching and solid red, and instead likes aligning blocks into an 8x8 pixel grid. The data size is proportional to the dimensions, not the image complexity. Compression tool tip: JPEGmini
  • PNG: Fits all other graphics (logos, inscriptions…), can have translucent parts. Compression is normally lossless, but it is possible to limit the palette to 256 (and fewer) colors, which can shrink the size. The data size is proportional to the image complexity, not the dimensions. Compression tool tip: PNG Gauntlet, TinyPNG
  • GIF: Suitable only for moving graphics. For a still image, it is always worse than PNG.