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Technical specification of ad formats


SkyScraper is based on the HalfPageAd format, but it is slightly narrower. Thanks to its location, Skyscraper is a very distinctive and popular ad format that is exclusive for the and sites. The skyscraper can take the form of a classic static ad, or you can animate it as an HTML file.


Available on these sites




  • 160×600 px

Maximum data size

  • 50 kB (HTML5 max. 100 kB)

External display code

  • Yes, according to our specifications.
  • Attention! All third-party display codes must use only secure links (https://).

External measurements (beyond Mafra a.s. measurements)

  • Yes, according to our specifications.
  • Accepted third-party codes: AdForm, DCM, Sizmek, Gemius, IAS a DoubleVerify.
  • Attention! All third-party tracking codes must use only secure links (https://). In the creatives themselves, all tracking URLs must also use a secure connection (https://). Differences in tracking code statistics without using https:// will not be taken into account.

Want an animated banner?

In this case it is necessary to supply a banner in the format HTML5 .

Due to the smooth running and running of campaigns, documents delivered outside the described specification must be approved in advance by the MAFRA Technical Department. Thanks for your understanding.