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Technical specification of ad formats

Mobile 3D Square (300x250)

Due to its location, WideSquare is a very distinctive and popular advertising format. In conjunction with the 3D effect, where the banner rotates and thus alternates with various images, it represents an even greater visual experience for users and it is therefore practically impossible not to notice it. The format can be used for desktop and mobile versions.





  • 300×250 px (3 to 5 images)

Maximum data size

  • 250 kB (for all images together)

External display code

  • No

External measurements (beyond Mafra a.s. measurements)

  • Yes, according to our specifications.
  • Accepted third-party codes: AdForm, DCM, Sizmek, Gemius.
  • Attention! All third-party tracking codes must use only secure links (https://). In the creatives themselves, all tracking URLs must also use a secure connection (https://). Differences in tracking code statistics without using https:// will not be taken into account.

Due to the smooth running and running of campaigns, documents delivered outside the described specification must be approved in advance by the MAFRA Technical Department. Thanks for your understanding.