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Technical specification of ad formats

HalfPageAd iLayer

Due to its placement HalfPageAd is outstanding and very popular ad format. Can´t be overlooked on the homepage as well as in he article. HalfPageAd can be static or animated as HTML5 file. It is, however, supplemented by excellent functionality, when the mouse is over the HalfPageAd then it expands down and reveals another content in the form of an image or a video. HalfPageAd can be static or animated as HTML5 file.

Preview Template


Requirements for HalfPageAd iLayer

  1. HalfPageAd is specified by specification
  2. HalfPageAd Expanded according to the specifications below.

When using the basic animation of the advertising format, it is enough to supply images (JPG, PNG, GIF) separately, the banner will be completed on our side.

In the case of extended animations or the use of dynamic elements, it is necessary to supply materials for individual parts created in HTML, for example according to this example .



  • 300x600 px (HalfPageAd)
  • 600×600 px (HalfPageAd Expanded)

Maximum data size

  • HalfPageAd 100 kB (up to 200 kB for HTML5)
  • HalfPageAd Expanded 200 kB (250 kB max for HTML5)

External display code

  • No

External measurements (beyond Mafra a.s. measurements)

  • Yes, according to our specifications.
  • Accepted third-party codes: AdForm, DCM, Sizmek, Gemius.
  • Attention! All third-party tracking codes must use only secure links (https://). In the creatives themselves, all tracking URLs must also use a secure connection (https://). Differences in tracking code statistics without using https:// will not be taken into account.

Want an animated banner?

In this case it is necessary to supply a banner in the format HTML5 .

Due to the smooth running and running of campaigns, documents delivered outside the described specification must be approved in advance by the MAFRA Technical Department. Thanks for your understanding.