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Technical specification of ad formats

Branding Slide

Branding Slide is based on Branding format which is due to its size around entire page excellently visible for all the time a user is scrolling down the page. It is, however, supplemented by interesting functionality, when moving the mouse from left to right you reveal or hide more of one of two images.

Preview Template Sources


Branding Paralax consists of two images that overlap.

Layer overlaying can depend on user's action (e.g. dragging the slider), or it can be linked to cursor movement on the page.



  • 2000×1280 px

Maximum data size

  • 400 kB (applies to both images together)

Design requirements

  1. Place important advertising messages in a 1366 × 768 px wide column (see red area in drawing.) This is very important due to the different resolutions and ratios of the display devices. This area is visible to most users.

External display code

  • No

External measurements (beyond the measurements of Mafra a.s.)

  • Yes, acording to our specifications.
  • Accepted third-party codes: AdForm, DCM, Sizmek, Gemius.
  • Caution! All third-party tracking codes must use only secure links (https: //)

Do you want animation or video in the branding header?

KFor this purpose, it is necessary to supply the MegaBoard banner. If you don't want any animations in the branding header, don't add Megaboard! For animations within the entire branding area, you can use HTML5 format.

Are you tasked with preparing Crossplatform Branding (desktop + mobile)?

In this case, it is necessary to supply documents for the mobile version of branding. Specifications for its production can be found here: Specifications for the production of mobile branding.